The technology of the drykilns is evolving  very fast. For the operator, besides the drying process, it is fundamental the constant improvement of the quality of the product  and the energy consumption  optimization.
PROTEAM developed two systems that, in a discrete and independent way, working together with the installed drykiln control unit, provides energy and cycle time saving and in the meantime the quality of the final product. We called it VIRTUAL  OPERATOR.
PRO-ESS a PLC plus touch screen system that optimize the drying cycle process. It can reduce the cycle time of a 20% and the total energy consumption of a 30%.
PRO-PRS represent an alternative to the frequency converters in the field of electric power saving for wood drykilns. By a smart and optimized utilization of the propellers during the drying phase, it assure a consistent power saving keeping the total drying cycle time unchanged.