Proteam has recently realized a new product: an automatic line for the pallets painting. The line is designed  to meet high requirements of productivity and to reduce to minimum the running cost of pallets painting
Accuracy and uniformity of painting are obtained thanks to use of brushless motors of new generation and a  special software conceived by Proteam
Speed: inlet/outlet cycle time 45 seconds
Productivity: 18 pallets per cycle
A touch-screen panel allows the complete supervision of the cycle and display of production data. The operating parameters of the machine are adjusted automatically on the basis of the size of the pallet selected by the operator.
Thanks to the use of an frequency converter to control the overspray exhaust fan, the fan runs at full speed only in the painting stage, and in all the other stages operates at reduced speed to save energy
Painting wastage minimized through the use of high pressure airless guns


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