PROTEAM supply all the parts you need for your ISPM-15 wood heat treatment installation.
PROTEAM has developed the new PRO-HT™  software in order to satisfy the request of all the countries that follow the FAO ISPM15 standard.
The software has been designed in order to be user friendly and adaptable to all the different countries ISPM15 standards.
PRO-HT™ can be installed on new or exhisting drykilns, it can works as a simple data recorder or as complete supervisor driving the complete cycle without any other additional control unit.
According to the selected application the system will assume a name and a different configuration:
PRO-HT System™ it's the data recorder system.
PRO-HT System PLUS™ it's the system that can drive automatically the cycle and at the same time record all the data of the heat treatment.
In both cases the goal is to record the heat treatment cycle datas in order to print out a HEAT TREATMENT CERTIFICATE as per the FAO ISPM15 standards.